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        1. FAQ

          Store and Product:

          • What is your refund policy?
              • HKU Apparel has a flexible refund policy you can view?here.
          • Can I try on sizes before buying?
              • Yes! Please contact us via email at [email protected] to arrange a time to try on our product sizes.
          • Do you accept custom orders?
              • We are always open to suggestions and creative input but may only place a custom order if there is enough customer interest.
          • Do you stock XXL sizes?
              • Currently, we are out of XXL sizes. If you need an XXL product, please message us at?[email protected] and we will add an XXL shirt in our next order. A special $30 HKD stocking fee may apply.
          • How are your products sourced?sustainably?
              • We work in partnership with 852 Designs to ensure our products our source in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner.
          • Do your shirts and sweaters shrink?
              • All of our shirts and sweaters are made from 100% cotton so they may shrink if dried in a dryer. We recommend you dry your shirts and sweaters on a low heat setting if you wish to avoid shrinking.
          • Do you ship internationally?
              • Yes we do!
          • What is your email?
          • Can I connect with you on social media?

          HKU Apparel and 852 Designs:

          • What is HKU Apparel?
              • HKU Apparel is a student-run social venture that provides a creative outlet for students and designs HKU branded apparel for the HKU community.
          • What is 852 Designs?
              • 852 Designs is a partner company that processes orders for HKU Apparel to ensure the product production process is both ethical and environmentally friendly.
          • Can I join your team?
            • If you are interested in joining the team, interning, volunteering, or just helping out as you can, please email us at [email protected]